Landscaping of cancer CSOs engagement in HPV vacc

22 11 2023

We have the great pleasure to inform you that we just released the
summary of findings as well as nine case studies as part of the
landscaping on our website here: Landscaping the engagement of cancer
organisations in HPV vaccination [1]. The case study that you
contributed can also be found on the page and can also be found here:
Standing up together for a successful roll-out of the vaccine in Malawi
| UICC [2]

I wanted to personally thank you very much for your contribution to the
landscaping of CSOs’ role in HPV vaccination and to the case study,
your contributions and inputs are incredibly insightful.

The summary (available in English, French and English) highlights the
critical role that cancer CSOs can play in promoting both access and
uptake of the HPV vaccine in their settings, as an integrative part of
their engagement in cervical cancer elimination. The findings also
highlight barriers and enablers reported by CSOs, as well as needs for
development and support to further grow their engagement. The inputs
from survey respondents as well as from the 50 key informants, from
grassroot community-based organisation to global stakeholders, are a
true inspiration as how the cancer community can make a difference in
achieving all targets of the elimination strategy.

The landscaping constitutes a great opportunity to identify resources
from UICC members such as Gavi CSO constituency [3], PATH’s FAQ about
the single dose [4], series led by CCA for Elimination network [5] as
well as the Global Prevent HPV Cancers platform [6], as well as
alliances and networks worldwide. As we continue to map out existing
resources from the community and beyond to optimise and amplify to
respond to CSOs’ needs to further engage, please do not hesitate to
share any complementary information. We will also keep you posted about
upcoming opportunities.